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Projekte at Kraftanlagen Nukleartechnik GmbH 1994 - 1997

1997 NPP Obrigheim(KWO): filter station (tender): Design of filter station with shielded filter change equipment, cost calculation
1994 - 1997 EU / TACIS: - study about a container free release system for the Chernobyl site - development of guidelines for the management of radioactive waste in the Russian Federation
1996 VKTA-Rossendorf: free release device (tender): concept, layout and description of mobile system, calibration and operation
1995 - 1996 EWN-Rheinsberg: dismantling of radioactive dump “ALfR-fest“ (DETEC, NUKEM, Kraftanlagen): preparation of duties for radiation protection, waste management, free release and documentation
1994 - 1996 VKTA-Rossendorf: ABÜS / ESR - Planning of entire waste management facility including equipment for the treatment of radioactive wastes (IPRO-Dresden, Kraftanlagen Heidelberg, Lahmeyer International): assistant project manager, radiation protection engineer, quality assurance
1994 - 1996 preparation and execution of courses on radiation protection certificate: mathematics, physics and I&C
1995 Processing and Storage Facility, Thailand (tender cooperation Kraftanlagen Heidelberg and Siemens-KWU): central waste processing facility for a nuclear research center in Thailand: assistant project manager, radiation protection engineer, Layout Arrangement
1994 DBE, Peine: repository Konrad mine: dose calculation for operating personal during operation of repository with data base propgram Fox-Pro (Access Data)

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