LTZ-Consulting GmbH
Leben - Technologie - Zukunft

Warm meals, the internet, public transportation, digital photos and coffee from the coffee machine are all parts of our daily lives.

Electricity helps us living this life.

Intensive care, infrared lamps und dialysis devices save and preserve lives.

Electric energy is life.

Nuclear power is an important energy source worldwide.

Safety in supply with energy, cost efficient provision and safety in operation of nuclear power facilities are critical factors for the acceptance of the peaceful use of nuclear power.

LTZ-Consulting provides services for safety during planning, construction, operation, waste disposal and dismantling of nuclear facilities.

We provide our worldwide experience with projects in nuclear plant construction and service, approbation planning, radiation protection or survey to serve safety.

The clients safety regarding efficient and precise completion of orders and public safety regarding protection from the dangers of ionizing radiation.

Nuclear power, the technology that will enable todays life for our children and grand children in the future.

Because we’ve only borrowed earth from our children

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