LTZ-Consulting GmbH
Leben - Technologie - Zukunft

LTZ-Consulting has been issued with an authorisation according to §15 Strahlenschutzverordnung (Radiation Protection Ordiance) for work in controlled areas of nuclear facilities. Profile of Work Activities:

Projekt Management / Assistance of Project Management
- Concept and Planning
- Preparing Tenders
- Execution of Projects

- Waste Management Strategies
- Layout Planning, i.e. for Waste Treatment Facilities
- Zoning in regard of Dose Rate and Contamination
- Radiation Protection Instructions
- Work Sequence Instructions

Lectures and Seminars
- Energy Politics
- Radiation Protection
- Nuclear Technology

- on regulations of IAEA, DIN and KTA
- to §15 German Radiation Protection Ordiance (Work in the others facility, „Tätigkeit in der fremden Anlage”)

- Lectures on Conferences, German or English
- Stand Duty at Conferences

What more?
- Just ask me about.

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